Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

In any case, you must have an identity card, street name, house number, and mobile number. Then we can provide you the best service quickly.

Yes, you can book a Tripitour taxi for a specific time or a particular place.

Firstly, It depends on your distance. The average waiting time is 10 to 15 minutes for you. In abnormal weather conditions, at night, and during rush hour, it may take a little longer.

Confirmation message or mail receive only if you have used the tripitour forum via our website. Pay attention! This e-mail may be placed in your spam folder. If you providing your identity card and mobile number, you will also receive a confirmation message via WhatsApp.

General FAQ

They depend on you which type of car you book, 4 people are allowed in a sedan and more than 4 people in a van or XUV’s.

Yes, you can call us at any time and Book the best taxi for your trip.

Our Tripitour driver obviously chooses the shortest and safe route. During the rush, the driver can discuss with you whether the shortest and safest route.

Possible, if color is available.

How to Pay?

You can pay via cash, debit card, credit card, or any UPI method.

Yes, you can pay by debit card in all tripitour taxies or cabs.

Yes that is possible, you can send the receipt by E-mail and Whatsapp while prepaying. As soon as we have received the amount, we will reserve a taxi for you. You can also use the ideal payment method with your reservation via the tripitour website.

Complaints & Lost Objects:

Contact us quickly by our Cell number. In most cases, we can easily return your property to you safely.

No, you must submit your e-mail address and mobile number with your complaint.

For a complaint, you can submit a complaint form on the website or If you are not able to do this, you can call directly to customer care.

You found the answers to frequently asked questions about the tripitour taxi service.


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