3 Top Places to see in Udaipur

Famous Ghats of Udaipur

Udaipur Ghats– What do you think about it?
Ghats are generally famous for sacred places, which are present on the holy river like The Ganges.
But the ghats of Udaipur are famous all over the world for their beauty. Udaipur, which is called the city of lakes and the Ghats adds beauty to all those lakes. The famous Ghats in Udaipur are built only on the banks of Pichola lake. The most beautiful hotels in Udaipur are also built on the banks of Pichola lake (also having underwater hotels).

So let's see the beloved ghats of Udaipur and Top Places to see in Udaipur:

1. Ambrai Ghat


Ambrai Ghat, which was earlier known as “Manji ka Ghat”, but nowadays it is known as Ambrai Ghat.
The name is derived from the famous Ambrai hotel.
Ambrai Ghat is situated by the banks of Pichola lake.
The breathtaking view of the City palace and Jag Mandir is visible from Ambrai Ghat itself.
Most of the residents of Udaipur prefer to visit the Ambrai ghat only because Ambrai Ghat gives a unique view of Udaipur.
Udaipur has a 270-degree view from this ghat, which is extremely unique.
Ambrai Ghat is also famous for its traditional culture. In every evening, you will find musicians playing Rajasthani Sarangi,
those who uphold this culture.
Many people come here every evening for, who enjoy the unique view of Udaipur by playing guitar or listening to songs.
In addition, the blue water of Pichola lake and the waves that come from the passing of the boat, all are amazing. Above all, the beauty of Ambrai ghat will descend in your heart.

Top Places to see in Udaipur

2. Gangaur Ghat


Gangaur ghat is the most loving place of Udaipur which is built on the banks of Pichola lake. This ghat is quite famous for three doors, which is known as “Tripoliya”. These three doors were built by Maharana Shakti Singh in 1878.
This is a holy place, Ganpati Visarjan and Durga Visarjan is also from there.
There is also another important reason for this ghat to be famous, which is associated with the film industry. Shoots of many movies, serials, etc. are taken at this ghat from here. The view of hotels built between Pichola lake (also underwater hotels) and that Ghat is memorable.
Pigeons play an important role to enhance their beauty. Flying pigeons, then coming towards ghat, that’s a very beautiful view. There are thousands of pigeons here, and Udaipur residents come to give them food.
So, you can go to Gangaur ghat in the morning and evening, at this time you will get the privilege of seeing amazing natural views. Udaipurite’s said that the sunset looks very lovely from here.
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